Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

Meet the Lotus C-01 Motorcycle. 

Designed by Daniel Simon, who's design resume is truly impressed this Lotus C-01 is crafted in carbon fiber, titanium and aerospace quality steel. Limited to a production run of 100 this V-style 2-cylinder 4 stroke engine puts out 200HP with a dry weight of 398.2lbs. Though performance figures have yet to be release you can only imagine how fast and fun this motorcycle will be. 

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of specifications when it comes to this motorcycle. 
Because this Lotus C-01 looks so damn good that right now who cares what the 0-60mph numbers are or its top speed. I just want to sit back and admire how gorgeous this bike is. 

I love it's simple clean lines, it has this retro-futuristic styling about it that I can't completely understand but definitely love. The intake duct with its "3D" like style and Lotus logo is an awesome detail, just like the exhaust pipe with its un-assuming design simply beautiful. I also love the handle bars with its integrated side mirrors and finally I love the color schemes. You just can't go wrong with the martini racing livery, naked carbon fiber with gold and Lotus's green and yellow color combo. Simple and yet enough to get you noticed. 

Below are the specs.


Construction:2-cylinder 4-stroke engine, 75° V-style
Capacity:1,195 cm³
Bore:105 mm
Stroke:69 mm
Power Approx:200 HP
Transmission:6-gear jaw-type shift transmission
Lubrication:Dry sump lubrication
Main shaft ratio:40:76
Lay shaft ratio:15:41
Clutch:Hydraulic anti-hopping clutch
Ignition:Full electronic engine management with digital adjustment of the ignition


Frame:Aero tech steel/Titanium/Carbon fibre frame
Fork:Upside down
Suspension strut:Twin suspension strut
Spring travel front:80 mm
Spring travel rear:70 mm
Brake system front:Twin brake disc, ø320mm, four piston calipers
Brake system rear:One brake disc, ø220mm, two piston calipers
Chain:X-Ring resp. O-Ring
Head tube ang:59°
Fork ang:54°
Ride height:90 mm
Height of seat:710 mm
Fuel tank capacity:10.5 l
Dry weight:181 kg
Wheel front:3.00×19; 120/70 ZR19
Wheel rear:
6.00×17; 190/55 ZR17